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The planets of our solar system above were not created for beauty alone, they are indicating lights of human behaviors / activities in the world, as well as influencing energies to cause good deeds, and to shut our body system down at appointed time.† They have been around for at least 2.5 Billion years, they are quite young starring system, which mean they will stay for much longer than 2.5 billion years until our Solar shuts down its energy.† So will the world end in 15 years?† Not likely, human numbers may decrease; the world and these planets will continue to turn around our baby giant Sun.

Predicting human mind, intelligence, character, skill set, Rich and Poor status etc.


These are gifts that we arranged with the Creator before we came to earth.† Superview sees the existence of our gift before you came. If the native didnít accept the term of the gifts, some one else could take our place.† There is always a consequence in every gift.†† Some gifts can intensify (i.e. Steve Jobsí creativity for iPhone products etc), some can disappear quick, and some can turn bad or good later in life.† We cannot have everything perfect in life.

 This sample prediction shows the rich and smart people had problems even though theyíve been given with gifts beforehand.† I.e. Guy de Rothschild had Jupiter his life path division in #2, top earnings.† Steve Jobs had very high creativity, see his division #5 for creativity.


Conclusion: Suverview is very consistent with its analysis/calculation of anything, from human to corporation to country.†† It sees destiny, soul of the past, present, and future.

 Some deaths occurred prematurely, therefore souls had to be rework/reincarnate...†††††† †††††††††††† †††††††††††† Thanks to God Jehovah for the knowledge.

Currently weíre working with clients on changing their life path on trial basis.†† Unfortunately our clientís names can be shared due to privacy matter.† Our business is not like other business that the providers commonly use client names to boost their business.† In this section, we will share with you our discovery and technical aspects instead, to boost clientsí confidence.

Predicting Economy Downturn


Typically economic downturn is independent, but in war time, the two are interlinked together.† Because war is very expensive and ugly.

†† Project List

How Pluto 125 and 250 year cycles affecting human death?

Big natural disaster comes and goes every 280-300 year. They are overdue now.† They could be part of self-cleaning, self-adjusting for human soul time slot on earth (God sees fit in respect to human rework or reincarnation). Superview reveals there is a high probability of reincarnation even though itís contradictory to Christian theory.† The reason is, our God (Jehovah, the Creator) was/is smart and is such a quiet God.† He arranged the timing of our lives to synchronize with death and repayment perfectly, intelligently and secretly.† Why repayment?† Because hell doesnít seem to exist elsewhere but on earth itself, so coming back to earth to repay for our past sin makes sense. To understand it, you have to set your disbelief aside first.†

In other words, we have judged already and were scheduled to be back on earth to face difficulty repeatedly until we pass the class. Stop sinning is the best way to end the loop, to go up to higher level of spiritualism, or less stressful level.† God Jehovah could be the same God of Islam and of Hindu, but weíll not get into religious topic since human minds are static and prone to false feelings.† We have seen evidence of Reincarnation in majority of charts. Many people remember their past life without hypnotism, search Youtube to learn more.† Furthermore, we see that the death of each person has been programmed and incorporated in our birth chart.† Common astrologers are not aware of this.† This hidden secret is very real and consistent based on 400+ death records we checked against human charts. How we predict death for people is the same method we discovered the reincarnation. Letís take a look further (If God Jehovah is not one of yours, you can fill in whoever is your God of creation).†† The beautiful planets around Sun are not created in vain neither; they interact with our soul and earth activities.

If you argue that human rework (or reincarnation) doesnít make sense, then you literally accuse God of doing things in vain (unintelligently).† Since God already knew so well that human will fail, why would God generate so many new souls to fail and be judged individually wastefully? It makes no sense.† Look at how practical your body works, you automate your factories to work effectively; why wouldnít you think God had the same mind as you?† I.e. men use robots and drones to automate things in good and bad deed. Letís not get confused with the abusive claims of reincarnation to take advantage of others monetarily.†† Deception can be in many fields, not just in religion.

†††††††††††† If you still have doubt of reincarnation, and the cleverness of† God, maybe you ought to check out video of DNA doctors proclaiming that DNA and RNA structures in human are not randomized, someone intelligently designed them for our human biology to replicate/multiply automatically without the need to create human manually.† Likewise the system of judgment can be replicated and judged automatically in the same manner.†† So mass human extinction through natural disaster or nuclear war or Apocalypse may be a method through which mass judgment of God may be rendered at one shot.† Many could be returned to earth again, some will hang in the never-land of spirit world, for their willful terrible sins.


Predicting death, and how long can human live passing the first death test:

We are not referring to the murdering, accident or war cases, but to the normal ending of life case. The shutting down of our lives, of country, etc. are seen through (the eyes of God and of) Superview.† Even the bible said some men and women live above 250 years; we have a hard time believing their claim. After age 90, people tended to have Alzheimer and memory losses, people tended to claim anything unreasonable.† We checked the death record of some 400 dead people and see the pattern of what age people normally died. Human normally live up to the first mark, at age 78 to 125 years. This is the Pluto cycle, it has two leading indicators of death, calculated it by our undisclosed formula to find obscured Pluto-opposition-Opposition.† If any one can live pass the first mark of 78-125 years old, that one person can zoom to the 2nd mark age of 250 year test. The second test is the most difficult test, this happens at the time when Pluto making a conjunction with its last position.

There is no technical evidence of human living above 400 years; especially to 900 years old as claimed in the bible. Technically itís impossible, because the Time-Forced SUN would complete its full cycle in the house of death #8 in maximum scenario, which means no one can live above 400 years old.† This is part of law of Physics God made, seen in Superview. We are not saying the Hindu Yuga cycle is wrong, until they can prove that Pluto changes its rotation speed to explain the expansion and contraction of lifespan of human (because Pluto is a leading indicator of ending of life. In order for life span to change, Pluto must speed up/down depending on solar system direction in Yuga cycle).

Based on Yugas theory, one would assume that the solar system moves up to higher spirit era, in Treta and Satya to allow human to live long life (up to 100,000 years or in demigod state).† This expansion and contraction of life did not seemed to be expressed by† scientific facts that major Planets (like Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus) would speed up or slow down in order to cause opposition aspects to happen late or sooner.† Weíre not ruling out the possibility of Hindu Yuga theory.† This is the most difficult subject for eastern philosophers to prove or even follow if you do not have astrology background. The Indians have conflicting theories of age among themselves.† We donít know if our Solar system had been affected by the gravity force of the black hole, we do not think so.† Scientifically the speed of all planets should remain constant (no change, drifting possible in small %).† Therefore, 400 years of human age is maximum possible seen in Superview cycle.

Not to get confused! You might assume China is more than a thousand years old to debunk our findings, true in terms of age, but not true in terms of the same government/regime ruling the country.† Chinaís social system got changed or revolutionized like the rest of the world. Superview looks at the last/current ruling party to see their current life path.

Human cannot revolutionize oneself effectively in order to make true change, dying and reincarnation may be part of the design by the Creator, to rework on human imperfection.† If you have not lived passing the first mark of 92-122 years old, and wish to live beyond this range, you should be medically aware of what you eat and take in your body.† Some vitamins can be harmful than good, like some white Vitamin D3 with undisclosed Calcium in it; too much calcium can cause kidney stones, they are too hard on kidney.† Letís not forget, calcium is found in cement products for strong bonding.† Your kidney, liver, and heart are the most important part to prolong your life.† A chance to live beyond the first mark is challenging, thanks to Superview to be able to detect the proper cycle.

124 years old is the maximum (1st mark of ) life span matching Superview charts of the widest angle of Pluto-Opposition-Pluto.† This number comes from Pluto orbiting the Sun in non-elliptical ring, causing rare opposition of Pluto vs. Pluto.† Some people can live passing 125 years old; we have no doubt that Mr. Li Ching-Yuen or Li Ching-Yun lived to 249 years old, but beyond it to 256 years; itís not possible, he would be in a vegetable stage. Superview sees his birth date on October 5, 1678 (+/- 1 day) in order to match up his description and life style.

If you attempt to live long like the above Chinese man, you should start young in your 60ís (years of age).† The first person you want to ask is yourself, the 2nd person is us to view where you are at in your chart, 3rd God Jehovah (or the Creator) ís permission. Why? Because we have been programmed to end at certain age, this claim is very consistent as seen in Superview charts.† The Chinese man above lived long life because of a rare angle of Pluto-Conjunction-Pluto that God gave to him, by placing him at certain time of birth where Pluto would oppose each other the shortest period of time, thereby making his first mark test less difficult.† Indirectly, this means God gave him the power to eat the right diet, stay fit, etc.† His Time-Forced Pluto position is not common. Not many will have the same placement like him. So do not assume you can be like him through simple herbal and exercise.† Thus, there is only one Pluto out there; the hidden Pluto is within us in our DNA; the rest of hidden planets and Sun are also within us.† This is part of Godís design, to keep the kingdom of heaven away from the unwise.†† If you want to know your Pluto ending cycle, we can look it up for you, for a nominal fee.

The scientific communities working on human embryo to extend life to 150-200 years; so far their attempts failed.† Scientists created the database of DNA/RNA coding, hoping to crack the secret meaning of human gene epigenetically. So far their research plays a guessing game without considering the Godís program in limiting life span, in connection with Reincarnation astrologically.† In general doctors and chemist do not know how to convert analog chemical magnitude into digital display.† They are just like those ET debunkers assuming that Egyptian pyramids were built by human with cranes 3,000 years ago, and assuming (erroneously that) the 3000 year old men had the ability to see stars sophisticatedly to predict the birth of Christ.† Those debunkers are thinking of today advanced technologies for the past old men.† The truth was, Jesus was born on the day of planets conjunction. This makes thing easy to tell under a poor telescope of the old days.

Some western religious group claimed that the earth was created 6,000 years ago, saying human used to live up to 900 years in the bible.† Such theories are debunked by Superview, and by the dawn of Sumerian started at 4,190 - 4500BC, total year is 6,206ó6,810 years older; and by a number of scientific findingsí such as the last known 10,000 years of iced-age and the 500,000+ years artifacts found in Vietnam etc., also debunked by the hundreds of million years of ice-age and the dinosaurs age.† Some Hindu gurus also claimed men used to live up to 100,000 years without any fact supporting such claim.††† We know through Astronomy and Superview that major planets like Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn have not changed their speed (since the last 3,000 years) in order to support such a long life span theory. To support their theory, the major planets must slow down orbiting the sun, in order to cause hard aspects (death) to show up late since God had the intention to judge bad souls automatically via reincarnation/rework. Usually human died when their Sun or Will-power are inflicted badly in division #8 or #2, depending on the birth location (East or West part of the world).† There is a huge amount of pattern of human death, following Pluto-opposition-Pluto known as common old age death. Some can live up to 250 years. In other words,† Godís ingenuity of programming human life to shut down at certain age (existed extremely long time ago) through our gene before men discovering sciences.


Nuclear / hydrogen bombs of World War 3 or Apocalyptic events are seen through Superview charts for 2016-28:


As well as internal upheaval time for major countries.† 2016 is distinctively different, anything you have not seen before will be seen here, as the big Guys prepared their way to take over controls of something they see as obstacles.† It will be a spectacular year of election of U.S.† 2017 would get worse in terms of turmoil. The economy too will be in its high roller coaster.† The target dates are part of our products along with the detailed reading for investors, Gold-sellers, common stock-holders or whoever care to know the future.

The Nuclear war or Apocalyptic events usually come at the end of each era, see our home page for a Milk-way galaxy system overview. We know for sure our solar system travels around the galaxy.†† We have 14 years left for dooms and glooms to happen, if they were to happen, very likely they will happen as seen in Superview.† Superview can review and zip through 4-5 Yuga eras in minutes sophisticatedly.†† In Treta era, we shall have peace up to 3,100 years; refer to FAQ to learn more.† Superview agrees with Indian Hinduís prediction for peace.†† Superview does not see war after 2036, except for Canada.† Some of us may live through Treta era, thatís why we tried to save scientific materials for children of next generation to use.† It is believed by majorities that human received the knowledge of galaxy from some super natural visits of the past, the observers called them ET, and the eastern Indians called them gods.

Although the Hinduistic gurus made a little error of 0.8% predicting that in 70-years human will kill each other, he based it on his long calendar. Other Indians have shorter Yuga calendar.† They must be using the erroneous Buddha birth date as a mark for Dwapara era.† 0.8% error is considered good on paper record, of 25,920 year cycle.† ET must be giving them the knowledge about the Galaxy, the region, and period of time; otherwise they would not have their math right.

The burden is upon the disbeliever to do his/her homework, not a lot of eastern Indians know this rare information.† In fact, a lot of them wanted to learn from our knowledge at fee level.† In the future, we may have a class or a seminar about this topic, but not right away.



Predicting natural disaster, Nuclear war or Apocalyptic events.†††† Having a hard time understanding reincarnation?

Evidence of God programmed us to die at appointed time here.

There are lots of evidence of reincarnated people remembering past life, past parents, past family, etc. especially in Asia without having to go through hypnotism and regression.† Go to Youtube and search for Reincarnation.


Some people ask this question ďIf reincarnation is true, why donít we remember it?Ē† It is because the Creator made it this way to protect us, so we can rework on our new life (current life) with pure heart, without reconnecting our current deed based on our past life, or to revenge etc.


Past life and Reincarnation are a bit complex to the western world.† We believe God Jehovah was not ready to reveal to Moses and Noah in the old days, because at that time 75+% people committed awful sins.† Today people commit sin 50%+.


If the bibles were printed 2000 years ago, we would continue to be Christian wholeheartedly.† Unfortunately they were printed in 1950ís with incredible claims that earth existed 6000 years ago which is false, and more false claims from the same root.

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