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Order Form for reading of any party Geopolitical position, economic status, military power, past and future trend, etc.


GET COUNTRY, CORPORATE READING/PREDICTION for Politicians, Corp., CEO, Religious leaders, etc.

Please fill in this order form and send it to us for a review or further assistance.  Our subscription price is the same as aspect alteration price per element (for people who like to change their life path); if you are tight on moneys, we recommend that you purchase answer-by-answer. This is a high-end prediction service for country leaders, corporation managers or CEO, not for general public. Subscribed customers receives Huge discount and convenience, subject to early cancellation policy.  Thank you for your support and interest.

1) Email for Access code, should be different from your communication email.  This defeats hackers from reading our answer to your questionnaires. Correspondent Email for correspondence.




Tips on how to save time typing:  You can type up your questionnaires in a document first, then copy and paste text into this order form line by line. That way you save a copy of yourself.  Click for sample order-form.


You can also save time and frustration by filling the form off-line, print it pdf file to email to us directly or via postal office, in case your internet is blocked.   Thank you!


January 5, 2015


SERVICE AGREEMENT: Using our “Future, present and Past” Trend Reading-or-Predicting service means you have read our FAQ and understood the full nature of our service, that we require upfront payment to secure our service.  The Annual subscription entitles you to receive 30% off however early cancellation would change annual rate to monthly rate. Refund will be made (if any) thereafter. This text size increasable via web/pdf viewer.





















No reading, just a simple question about any particular corporation, country, or CEO or

What would you like us to view for you? Please list them below, 1-by-1.  Email us for latest price.  Prices varies depending on topic, religious topic is the lowest in price.



















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Complete Reading or Analysis of a Country/Corporation, CEO, Big leader with birth / establishment date.  Including comparable charts of your most accurate reading please.

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Please select EFT, in most cases we will not use credit card, due to cost of service exceeding the card maximum of average credit. We are a high-end Trend Analysis company for large corporation, and State leaders.  If you prefer using card, there may be some exception if you would agree to non-reversal agreement, click here.

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Supernatural Engineering Co.

The most accurate reading for your critical mission. Don’t do business without it.

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Technical reading included.                                    Technical Reading included.                                  Technical Reading included.                

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YOUR SATISFACTION IS VERY IMPORTANT TO US, we will do what it take to earn your trust and respect.


Once the transaction is completed, you shall receive a copy of your receipt, and your service will begin as soon as possible. Thank you for choosing our service.

Type in full or intermittent annual subscription, save 30% or 20%.  Please email topic for pricing.