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How do we know that upheaval, economic downturn, war, and apocalypse will come ?

We provide concise future or past events analysis of your country to help you see why you have or will have similar problem (again), you will know who is your real enemy, especially when they come in as a team, it can get very confusing.  Through us, you will learn why your problem with certain country (‘s) could not be resolved.

Typically the cost for a monthly service is not cheap, you are not required to subscribe to a monthly service to receive up to 33 questions answered.  If you are on a tight budget, you can buy what you need and cut cost tremendously.  For instance, 3-4 answers can provide you the insight of what’s going on in your case. You will know the timing of war, of upheaval etc so you can be prepared to do something about them.  You will know whether or not you can win your case.  Some people spent $15M to find out something important.  Our cost is less than 1/3 of their fee, to do full reading including three questions answered.

Each country has a unique personality of mass concentrated wills, intelligence, etc.

The same law of physics applies to all, regardless of your religious belief or political system.

Apocalypse already came to Syria.  The rest of other countries will follow slowly.  Bases on the cycle of rebirth seen in Superview, there must be a reason why we must return to the author of life by the programmed time.  The ending time for each one of us has been concealed in our birth date.   Are these true? Yes, Superview can see them. Do you know someone secret agents tried to plot someone for 15 years unsuccessfully? That explains why  the victim’s time to die was not yet arrived, any murdering plan would fail.


Whether it’s a matter of death detection or war detection, or upheaval time, Superview can detect them consistently.  Do you know every rich person chats have the same things in common in their house of earning and security? Likewise every top politicians have the same pattern in common!  Superview can tell a lot about human psyche at individual, corporation and country level.  Superview intensifies colors if the matter is critical, with confirmed similar aspects on the chart.  No

Jesus birth date and ending date solved.

On the first day of our arrival to earth, every one of us encapsulated a specific set of planet positions to be our personal indicating lights of character, intelligence, resources, knowledge, etc. that God systematically assigned to each one of us as a set of gift to go through life with.   The set of gifts for each person is different like a set of DNA, they changed over time progressively.  The photo above is a good example of a major planetary conjunction of one unique person.  His name was Jesus Christ.


Jesus Christ real birth date and crucifixion date:

He was born on November 13th,  or the 12th of year 34BC.  It is technically impossible for  Jesus to die on Friday April 1, year 1AD or 2BC, or  33-34AD as some people asserted fictitiously.  Because nature/trend of planets and hard aspects would not match any calendars.  Furthermore, there was not enough time for a drama to play out, or it played out in the wrong months/years.  Technically Jesus died on Friday April 1, year 0.  This leads the proper/current Black Friday and Easter Celebration dates, in full-moon following March 21st rule.  We have to factor in the time of  cleaning Jesus wounded body, and the preparation for his secured tomb.  On the 3rd day after Jesus’ death; the bible claimed Jesus broke the tomb and disappeared.  People went to look for him, Jesus went to visit his disciple at sea shore, spending time together showing more miracles and his wounded body, discussing the spreading of his gospel etc. Some Hinduistic books claimed Jesus went to India to visit them before he returned to resurrect.  All of these events fit the 7-days time frame, because Superview sees April 5th, 0 as a full moon day for resurrection.  For this reason, Christians celebrate Easter always on the first full moon after March 21st, written in religious books and English dictionary; leading to April 5th or 6th, up to the April 7th of each year. Do you have a doubt whether Jesus went to the cross or not? We assure you, Jesus did.  Looking at his charts frame by frame is just like watching a movie.  It is quite graphical!    Charts show Jesus felt the heats from 2-3 sides; from Roman soldiers, Jewish religious leaders, and from people laughing at him.  Remember Jesus had the feelings like all of us.   Charts of Jesus last day demonstrate his feelings as well as external events happened at that time.  We can sell you Jesus charts of your choice any paper sizes.  Electronic copy available to end-end customers, typically we do not sell to general public, if you can afford we can honor your request.  Charts and explanation come together.  It costs more in Electronic format for own editing later.


11 technical Facts to support above claim:  1) Planetary conjunction is the only distinguishable form for the 3 wise men to follow the path, to find babe Jesus in the manger. There were 6-planet conjunction on Jesus birth date, this makes him very unique and special.  2) The 3-wise men (Astrologers) in the old days did not have sophisticated telescope, they relied on planetary conjunction.  3) Any scattered planets would be dismissed for the 3-wise men, and us since good astrologers pay attention to odd and uncommon sign.   4) the black Friday, the full moon and resurrection dates wouldn’t match for Jesus birth dates on years 1 or 2 BC.  5) Major planet conjunction is not designed/assigned to common people; because God Jehovah was/is very consistent when His law of Physics.  If you don’t see conjunction on your Jesus chart, you use the faulty software, and you depicted Jesus is a common person.  6) 6-planets conjunction makes Jesus a powerful person , knowledgeable, ability to concentrate, drive out demons, etc.  7) Jesus had a psychic ability, he was aware of his environment.  I.e. The Pharisee (Uranus) harassed Jesus for 2.5 months before they assigned him to the Roman (Pluto) soldiers to be killed. Jesus knew where he was heading to.   9) Even though both killers above disagreed with their acts together, they still brought death to Jesus; seen through Superview.  8) In Jesus younger age, he liked to help his earthly parents at home, division #4 is true.   10) Jesus loves children, and had great love for every one, division #5 is true.  11) Jesus ending date April 1 year 0AD is a common method to mark the beginning of year AD, same method used in Buddhist calendar (in Buddhist countries, Buddha birth date was the  mark of Dwapara era. These few errors contaminated some Christian minds to think that year 1 or 2AD must be Jesus birth dates. After human errors got distributed for many years;  no sophisticated viewing tool to look back to the past 8500 years to make any correction.   It is important to notice that there are two things going here that common astrology tools could not decipher; the nature and calendar got out of synchronization, we’re not talking about the 365 days a year, but the calendar overlap of 3 months,  explained below.  Superview can see Jesus and Buddha’s life completely without an error (meaning the ending and beginning dates, including the modern age in year 2000’s and forward).  Furthermore, there is a time delay of nature affecting calendar. For example, 100 years ago, the sun rise used to point to Aries, today’s sunrise  points to another sign. This is true, see You-tubers complained about this, that they believe affected the inaccuracy of Astrology.


In reference to year 0AD,  some claim it doesn’t exist but it does because we cannot fictitiously count an 8-month timeframe (from April 5th, year 0 to Dec-31-year-0 after Jesus death) to be one year for 1AD, even though Gregorian calendar has done so by some programmers, by cutting out a hole in their Gregorian calendar, causing common astrology tools to fail predictions.  Doing so also wouldn’t show any sign of Jesus crucifixion on Jesus charts and million other things.  The Gregorian calendar came afterward, regardless of its claim of no year 0AD.  Nature is important, good calendars should follow nature, not the other way around.  There are few errors during the transition of Gregorian calendar from Julian calendar that people ignore. Such as the overlapping months of 1,2, and 3 months since the switching.  People in year 1772 recognized this problem, and show the overlap of dating on citizens birth records in America during that time.  This is what ancestry.com called “double dating” issues. Search for Double dating Gregorian calendar ancestry.comto learn more.    Gregorian dating problem affected Christmas celebration as well.  It is somebody else’s problem, not Jesus and not our problem because we follow the standard law of physics in synchronization with nature.  This is why we see the true world events in present time and the long past.  Likewise Buddhist calendar has a few errors.  Human errors are common since there were no computer no death certificate available to support the calendar creators in the old days.  Thanks to Superview to be able to back-trace to such a lengthy past.  It appears that common astrology software cut a hole or skipped 1-year inside their timeframe calculation. This affects the synchronization of calendar with nature. Nature (planets rotation) doesn’t care how human make fictitious calendar, she will turn and goes on her way.

Superview could not determine if Jesus died for our sin, but it indicates that Jesus was arranged by God for a purpose.  Based on his chart, Jesus had a little weak communication with God. He died at age 33.4 years old.    The Jewish disagreed that Jesus died for their sins. They claimed Jesus had failed his task to save Israel from the Roman taxation, abuse and oppression, this is the other side of a coin.   Jesus Chart shows it was the Rebellion Jewish Religious leaders and Roman empire that killed Jesus. This appeared that Jesus came to change religion than to save Israelis.  Like the old days in Israel, today people are suffering the most, 75% most of the time according to charts.   People don’t need another confusing Jesus theory, they need real God’s physical help like the Moses’ days.  Our Creator is very intelligent, quiet, and doesn’t intervene to help save people during difficult crisis in these days.  It is probably His blessings, system of payback were already incorporated in the designed cycle million years.   Sometimes He does intervene in Moses time.  In any cases, it is good to give thanks to the Creator.

Likewise to predict war, we look at the patterns of a country at war in the past. Superview reveals repeated  events of 1762 (King George III) mixing with World war 2 coming up.  The difference for the next 13 years could be exercised higher power weapons. This is the sad part.


Did Jesus died on Friday the 13th:

             No, but Saturday the 13th, or Friday the 12th.  Why two possibility? Because of its unusual planetary conjunction, for 3-wise men to find Him. .    For such a day in November is cold.    These two days linked Jesus life to the proper ending date, for Black Friday and Easter celebration as well.

             There is no evidence of Friday the 13th connecting to bad day, there are lots of good Friday the 13th, people should ignored the bad Friday the 13th, it is a myth.


             Some day the end-time will not come until Jewish accept Jesus as their Messiah.  You know this will never happened. So the logic of end time of the bible will never be met.  Yet Christians still used the biblical prediction to make belief that the end-time is coming.

The bible end-time predictions were wrong for over 1,200 years. People still buy into false predictions.  Superview sees the end-time of Dwapara era instead.  The world will continue to turn even if we have less people living on it.  This may explain why Treta era is known as the era of peace and quietness for 3100+ years. This is why we concentrate on preserving technology and knowledge, to make them retrievable for next generation.  Donate today for the sake of your next era generation. 

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· Find out when you will actually be involved in a super large scale war.

· Who will you have problems with?  It’s not easy to tell when they come as a team.

· Will you win the battle or lose? We can figure out any loss by approximation.

· Will you have currency war?

· Which direction will the attack on your soil will come from?

· Can we change our destiny?

· Tell us our chemistry, our mind, and our soul.

· What do your enemies want from you?

· Are your allies trustable?

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