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Hard aspects: How do you know when war, upheaval and economic downturn (financial crisis) would come in the future to affect a country ?

Only with reliable Superview tool we use to see the past and future in crystal clear for you. As you can see in the sample charts of this website, the readings are graphical, dramatic and exact point-to-point.  When hard aspect are due to happen, they typically happen because all hard aspects are ruled the same law of Physics.  Not only that, if you look at the end of each era below, usually bad things happened at the end of era. Even if     you don’t want to believe in Superview tool.  It doesn’t matter how many times the U.S. and Russia tried to make peace together in the past 100+ years, something's never work out right between them, then World War 2 erupted in Serbia, to SE Asia.   This time again, you see the same pattern, the war erupted in Ukraine (near Serbia), then it will spread to Asia again.  It has something to do with each party Allies.

We hope our charts, readings and analysis give you an idea of our work.  Getting rid of (turn off) hard aspect maybe possible, if you have enough time to act before they happen.  The readings you get from us are not static events or cloudy perspective as most Psychic, astrologers, Tarot card or Remote view readers give to people. Because Superview charts give us 2-4 confirmations of negative or positive events.  It is a unique tool, and it costs us a lot of moneys to license to use it.

Your country is your lifeline, if you are cheap, you would likely miss the target and could end up making wrong decision losing billions or trillions of dollars; plus times and human negative effects.  We are specialized in this field, we are in low profile for reasons.  In fact nowadays you cannot trust what you see on the internet, or the scoreboard of any corporation without checking other complaint boards.  Rich corporations paid the hosting company to publish false scores to mislead the consumers.

We do not give vague or general answers,  and we do not use Astrology terms to confuse you as much.  We translate the meaning of the planetary alignment for you.    After you get a clue, you will be able to know best what to do with your own situation. Typically we give people 2-3 variations, the reason is, our God designed the code of  hidden events in this manner; but we will be as clear as possible.

You will know who is your real enemy, in most cases you probably already know but the question is, how do you know the intensity of a war? and your chance of wining it?   You wouldn’t want to start a war without knowing you will win it.  It’s costly and painful to remember the losses.

Some people didn’t start a war but ended up having it due to circumstances beyond their controls.  In any cases, the outcome of any hard aspect in people or country chart are real 97% most of the time, typically bad aspect wins the most, meaning prone to happen.  The good aspect can slip away. That’s why some people say “earth is hell”.  Rich or Poor no one can escape from it. The best we can do is to make the bad aspect less damaging to you.

You are not required to subscribe to our viewing or monitoring service If you are on a tight budget, you can buy what you need on the go, but subscription will save you time and get you 20% discount.  A reading plus a few answers could provide you the insight of what’s going on in your case. You will know the timing of war, the upheaval, etc so you can be prepared to do something about them.  You will know whether or not you can win your case too.

Some people don’t want to know or deal with bad (hard) aspect, they rather wait and deal with it later.  These people are unwise.  Knowing things ahead of time gives you advantage over your opponent.  In most cases, people lose big because they were not prepared. The Chinese are the long-term thinkers, they planed many things 30-50 years ahead of time.  You could do the same through us, we have tool to help you see the future 100+ years, or the past to trace old mistake etc.

The following are good examples of hard aspect of the past, chart, and sound clip are ready for you to make a  distinction.

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Great American Protestors brought the Vietnam and SE Asia war to an end in 1973-75.

                 However 250+ Million tons of unexploded cluster bombs still hurt Laos today until the next 100-years. LDJ and Nixon secret war violated the Geneva Convention, they smeared American name. Laos had nothing to do with American-Russian SE Asian war; It was like Iraq has nothing to do with 9-11 event.  The ISIS in Syria is another incredible events.   How many lessons do you need to learn America?


Click above icons to hear Nixon’s defeat by demonstrators, and to see dreadful chart of the past Vietnam war event.

· Can you find out when we could be involved in a super large scale war? Yes.

· Could you tell Who are our enemy?  It’s not easy to tell when they come as a team, but will tell you if they are strong or not.

· Can you tell if war can be won or lost? Of course, by approximation.

· Can you tell if there will be currency war? Yes.

· Can you tell which direction the attack on your soil come from? Yes.

· Can you change our destiny or make hard aspect less harder? Yes, very likely 90-100%.

· Are our allies trustable?  It depends; in between 2016-2028 countries in war will realign with Allies.

Dawn of Sumerian 4190 BC

Super hot

Last known Ice age 9-10k-years ago.

Sumerian Empire ended 2100BC

Babylonian civilization 1845BC— 700BC

See  ending

pattern above


1 full cycle of equinox, per Superview charts and other astronomical views.

Sumerian civilization 3164BC. Sumerian empire 3000BC started

2016—2028 World War 3 Nukes Apocalyptic events seen on two dozen charts to affect countries listed below. Corporations, governments, general population etc. all would be affected.

Why? at the end of each era, bad things usually happen. Our Charts say men would plunge into killing one another for resources and power corruptibly. Learn from the past, Order your country charts to view your future position now! Make your emergency plan Now before too late.

Satya era

5184 years

Satya era

5184 years

Treta era

3888 years

Treta era

3888 years

Dwapara era  2593 years

Dwapara era  2593 years

Kali era  1296 years

Kali era  1296 yrs



Learn from the past, Make your emergency plan now.

           Get your geopolitical prediction here, save your country, grieves, financial losses, and structural damages.

You are here, earth solar system. 2015 AD. 14 yrs to Treta era.

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