How the multi-head Beast  enslaving the people?


Via confusion at best below:


Step 1. Steals the public resources as much as fast as possible.

Step 2. Steps back, pretending to help the public in a seemingly law-abiding fashion.

Step 3. Pays politicians, lawyers, judges, militants to stop the public from fighting back.

Step 4. Repeat step 1-3 until consumers have nothing left.

Step 5. Take controls of general public, to tag them with a digital ID pre/suffix 666 so they can’t escape from slavery. 666 may also mean domestic terror ID.

The charts of the multihead Beast is consistent with the book of Revelation.

Since 2007, we collected records of science and discoveries to be reused for Treta era (after World War 3). Donate today so we can make them safe and recoverable.  We have no connection with American politicians or any country.  January 5, 2016

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Why the chance of damage on Russia is less?

Our divined Superview calculates everything under the same formula (non-bias).  The reasons behind are: Russian enemies don’t have icebreakers like Russians do. They can get to outer enemies but enemies cannot get to them.  Russia is surrounded by other countries like a fence. They are less populated. You can nuke Kremlin from Germany but that puts nuclear risk on Germany and other nations against Russians as well.

Is there any scientific proof of predicting end time of the world?

No one was able to make such a thing.  Superview is a scientific tool to view million activities in our world, when the good and bad (kayos) happed, will happen on earth, including the viewing of live and dead souls.  The world will turn, even if human nuked each other to death completely. We tested Supverview against 400-500 dead events in the past, present, and the future, manifested weekly and monthly, many things come true.  It works so well because it follows the rule of law of physics, like any other laws that engineers and scientists relied upon.  The error tolerance rate of this tool is 0.3%, an additional error could be added if Superview was used by untrained predictors/viewers like any other tools.

Is Superview an astrology tool?  How would you compare your SurperView with stand astrology tools?

Superview’s calculations are 80+% more true events than those 11 common Astrology tools.  Astrologers don’t know why astrology works, but we know why it works.  Astrology works because our Creator set up the binding force through the replication sequence of our gene and external energies we deal with daily.  We call this phenomenon as “law of physics”.   The target events/aspects of common 11 astrology tools work poorly and inaccurately. Astrologers use +/- 6 degree excuses debating their inaccuracy later. The events on their charts take 9-months too soon or too late, up to 12 years off if Pluto & Neptune are involved in strong events.  Astrologer’s charts can be viewed asymmetrically (no rule) depending on birth time, causing astrologers to confuse since planetary alignments seemed correct in all angles. Usually when astrologers say something good will happen, the opposite happened. Common Astrology tools work okay for young people age 35 or less.         Unlike Superview, it detects target of any ages for a person, corporation, and country, seeing the earnings, heritage/insurance issues, weather problems, terrorism, war, tension, deception, murder, divorce, change of people hearts/friendship/value/belief, nuclear attack, etc..

I assume the internal planets mean the binding force? Could please explain more about this?

When our binding force (internal planets) square and oppose with outer planets (the world), there are red and blue lines to indicate these aspects; caused by tension, pain, oppression, suspension, loss, attack, or disappointment. The opposition aspect is worse than the square aspect by 2X+. The harmonious aspects work in the same manner; you see green and ocean blue lines instead.  God must have set up this rule of physics for many reasons, to view and cause certain influence on our lives, to record our deed for final judgment. Humans simulate such law of physics like a video recorder; to fast-forward, rewind, and pause frame of action for examination.  By recognizing the patterns, humans are able to make much more accurate prediction. Thanks to the computer age.   In the old days during the Babylonian times, they wouldn’t have the same capability as we do.

Never heard of Dwapara, Treta eras before.  Where are they from?

They are part of Yuga eras, and of the modern astronomical calculation of one full precession of the equinox, which takes 25,772 years, some gurus said it takes 25,920.  The partitions of cycle go like this:  Satya era:- Virtue reigns supreme. Human stature was 21 cubits. Average human lifespan was 100,000 years.   Treta era: – There was 3 quarter virtue & 1 quarter sin. Normal human stature was 14 cubits. Average human lifespan was 10,000 years.    Dwapara era: – There was 1 half virtue & 1 half sin. Normal human stature was 7 cubits. Average human lifespan was 1,000 years.   Kali era: – There is 1 quarter virtue & 3 quarter sin. Normal human stature is 3.5 cubits. Average human lifespan will be 100 years.  The Indian gurus disagreed with each other. We see their information conflicting with each other.  Some Hindu said we’re in Kali, some said we’re in Dwapara. Based on their BC’s calculation we are in Dwapara now. In Kali eras it makes sense that God caused Babylonians to confuse to stop building a tower to reach heaven.  This is where Hindu Indians claimed sins committed the most.  It appeared that more sins are committed now; we are definitely in Dwapara in 2015AD. A life span of 100 years doesn’t match 1,000 years for Dwapara era. Neither the Hindu nor Christian gurus proved to us the major planets slow down or speed up.  That’s the only scientific proof that human life span can expand and contract to support claim of longevity.

Are your predictions based on occultism or New age? Can you guarantee your work?

Superview is based on law of Physics. BTW, the term “occultism” doesn’t mean bad as religious people misled people; all medical doctors use this term every day when ordering a patient blood test.  They specify “occult blood test” meaning to predict all hidden chemical rates of patients, like we do here technologically.  They predict the sickness of patients based on the panel board rating of certain chemical.   Our predictions work the same manner; we look at the magnitude of contentious slopes and waves.  Before you can be treated by doctors, they have you signed a paper that they don’t guarantee the result even if there is an error.  We could guarantee our prediction if you would agree to reward us more for fairness.  We can clear your doubt by giving you reference charts of people who went through the same trend as yours before you buy our service.  This is better than a guarantee. The world, you and God are the ones controlling your life and destiny, not us but will always tell you the truth, because we want you back for more business.  Your Satisfaction is very important to us.

Why too much bad news for so many countries? How do we know you’re not making things up?

There are good news off and on, for Instance, South Korea’s economy is at its best right now in 2015-16, it took her 76 years to come to this point. The U.S. has its booming year 2000 too and got busted quickly thereafter due to many hypes and frauds. Nothing stays for ever, 75% of bad news dominates our world by nature, our world is not a heaven.   It is impossible to make things up manually, because we would lose the consistency of charts and predictions accuracy (things wouldn’t match up with charts).   Superview is a non-bias, not randomized viewing tool; it is well tested. You be the judge of its performance.  For example, when we predict nuclear war; we look at the “key aspect” of crash on population (native division #11) or government (native division #5).  We rely on Superview viewing tool, it sees million things happening around world, from small to large scale.  Superview solves the discrepancy of birth dates of religious leaders (Buddha and Jesus Christ). So far all religious leaders were under the same law of physics we’re affected by. They are human if they felt pain/hurt. What about their miracles?  God can give miracles to any one God wished; God is consistent and impartial.

Can people rely on Eclipse to predict the future?

It can be used but not accurately. Each eclipse event doesn’t tell you the exact meaning, they only tells you something will happen affecting people from 5% to 15%.   These days, NASA doesn’t provide useful information any more, only what doesn’t matter being shown. Forget the biblical Jewish guy claiming his Schemita 7-year cycle on many Radio shows.  He predicted to Coast-to-Coast in 8/2015 that in September 2015 Stock or something will crash based on his 7-year cycle. He claimed God will bring America down because America stopped help Israel during Obama administration.   We saw nothing crashed.  The Russia-USA relationship went down since 2011, and it will continue this path all the way to 2028, No Cold War 3, but real WW3 to expect.

Why don’t we believe Friday the 13th as bad day?

Because there are lots of good things happening on Friday the 13th too that people ignored.  Each day is just a pointer (or a link) to bad and good trend.  The pointers have no power to cause bad event to happen. Only the imagining bad events of oneself can cause self hypnotism to happen.  There is no scientific evidence that Friday the 13th causes bad thing to happen.  

Are the coming Word War 3 due to greed’s and deceptions of men to control the world?

It may be true than conspiracy theory.  To learn more, visit the U.S. geopolitical expert Craig B Hulet at  And other interesting site. See how Public Retirement Extraction  done to crash the market like year 2008 & 1929 by raising stock values to short-sell (extract or steal consumers 401k IRA moneys) electronically.  All consumers’ savings get lost quickly; the perpetrators then would blame the problems on the market, and not their scheme of stealing.  Some brokers pretended short-selling by misreporting financial data to consumers.

What do you think of Remote-Viewing? How do you compare it to your Superview?

The military Remote-viewing does not always work. What the viewer sees can be static information of one short moment.   Its accuracy depends on the mental health and good sensing of the viewer.  It doesn’t have any long term trends or pattern to compare the reading to, or 2-4 confirmed events as seen on Superview.  Superview describes 5-30 related aspects together. If we have doubt, we can check on other similar aspect to check consistency.  Usually negative aspects synchronize with negative aspects; positive aspects work the same work. Superview is not affected by a bad day of the viewer; it follows the rule of Physics.

What is your take on Tarot card reading? Please explain the difference in reference to your Superview tool

Tarot reading is too simple and not repeatable. It lacks consistency therefore its accuracy is in question.  T-readers said it’s impossible to measure accuracy, they prefer to use the term “relevant”.  Tarot reading takes a snap preview of one instance of time.  It doesn’t look at the full spectrum of a person/country life like Superview.  The T-reader always use the term “you’re stuck!”.  Of course, that’s the reason why consumers come for help, to unstuck the situation.  T-readers cannot see the future in their cards, therefore claiming there is no future, only present time.  Such a view is incorrect.    If you test the T-reader twice with the same request, you get two different outcomes.  Astrology can be inconsistent due to birth time that overrides the outcome.  Superview does not rely on birth time, thus you get consistent result with us repeatedly. Many countries do not record birth time, we can still trace back to source, like the real birth date of Jesus Christ or of original Buddha, including Mohammed like.  If you know the ending-time of a person, we can trace it back to the birth time.

Superview can preview and zip through ten, hundred+ years forward and backward.  It works because it relies on the same law of Physics.  The bible said God knows our heart and mind, this is true and correct since God created the law of Physics; He must know them well, better than us.  Many engineers and scientists discovered God’s laws of Physics extremely late and named them after their names. For instance Watt is the power unit of electrical energy, W = I x E (and 11 more formulas under Ohms law); E=mC2. etc.

What is your take on psychic reading, numerology and standard astrology readings?

They are unreliable and inconsistent, some psychics can be really good but they still don’t know how to turn off negative energies.  Coast-to-Coast (C2C) gave them too much credits. For instance after their vague/general readings; a year later C2C picked up unrelated events outside US and claimed to be the hit targets frequently. One astrological novice repeatedly said that 2024-26 will be the years of reckoning, and of mass consciousness.  C2C didn’t ask him for more explanation. Those terms are vague.  Note: Through standard astrology tools, astrologers are unable to see the full spectrum of events. Their charts don’t match realities.  They rely too much on birth time that can tilt their charts off the correct angle (this throw their interpretation off target).  98% of birth date don’t come with birth time.  Therefore they have to fix and patch their view outside the charts to make up for the flaw of their tools . Good astrology tool should see every event of the same type consistently. Their predictions are either 9 months to 1.5 years too soon or too late, up to 12 years if major planets are involved. Download charts comparison here! More in this pdf doc.

Why are you giving more than one target date? Are you not giving vague predictions as astrologers do?

No not at all! You see, in life there is more than one event happening in a 1-year time frame.  We’ll give you a span of important events, not just one.  Because planets swings back and forth to oppose or square each other, that is why multiple events would happen in critical year.  Astrologers give you a range of time, they don’t know the exact month or week, a lot of time their ranges are too far off, from 9-months too soon or too late up to 12-years off.  You cannot afford such a huge error tolerance if you deal with critical issues or war.  You also need to have 3-4 years of times for preparation for your defense.

Can you do the reading for someone, or a country or corporation without a name?

Yes, yes we can, as long as you give us an accurate birth date, or establishing date, plus longitude- latitude coordination of a person / country.  We have tool to look up the longitude-latitude for accuracy.  Some the longitude-latitude coordination for certain country/city in Wikipedia are not accurate, let us handle the coordinate for you, because wrong data will result in inaccurate reading.  We do not need birth time as Astrologers require.

You mentioned that your readings are non-biblical, are you Buddhist or Hinduistic?

Religion has nothing to do with hidden science; we give credits to God Jehovah/ the Creator of this science.  The biblical predictors claimed “the end is near” since 700AD in the book of revelation.  An Englishman wrote a book concerning year 1700 titled “The Light house”, he said in UK, 1700 is a year of pre-Christian time.  That means the bibles were not available to general public until after the printing equipment were designed after 1930’s.  The biblical predictions and the theory in religious books had not been tested; it’s risky to rely so much on the bible predictions. Superview has been tested and it’s very consistent with weekly or monthly events.  To learn more about where we are at, see the map of the giant galaxy on our website home page.

Can Superview predict a fake event and fake gods?

Yes, yes! For fake event: let’s say if it was committed by a group of people and it hurt another people. Superview can tell if they succeeded or not, victimized people will be picked up on a separate charts on victims chart.  There are some human claiming to be reincarnated god of such and such names, beware they know human weakness, and they will draw your attention to pray to them, instead of real God..  They would claim their work is for charity.  God Jehovah put a live status on every one who came to earth, and while living on earth.  Some people become positive, and some turned negative.

Can you predict death ?  Or ending of a country?

Yes, yes we can, but you don’t want to know about it! We do not like to advice any country, bc we will be blamed no matter what.   Other types of death wouldn’t be detailed on our web, only through our reading and chart purchase only.  This topic is not a bad thing like most people think.  If we know you will live a long life through us, you will enjoy life even more, by living it confidently. We advice to never let any one know you know your own death, doing so means you challenge death.  If we know you will die soon or within 5-years, we will not tell you, we want you to enjoy the last part of your life.  You may get a discount from us too in that case.  For people who will live a long life, we charge them nominal fee, and show them proof when their death will arrive with reference.  We tested Superview against some 400+ death record; it’s very consistent with its capability.  Superview is a live and dead soul viewer, it just appears like other astrology tool but its capability is unlimited.

Okay, cool so you do believe in God but why you ask too much for your reading service?

Five(5+) reasons. 1) It’s quite involved to analyze technical charts to determine the Nuclear attack, between major countries such as US, RUSSIA, CHINA, JAPAN, KOREA, etc.  Most of the time we hit the exact target date, to give you the proper focus time. 2) Our market share is low, and we’re not funded by government.  3) We spent a fortune to get Superview licensed to use in our service.  4) We need to help the poor, and pay costs to preserving human knowledge for future generation.  5) whether it’s expensive or not it’s just a matter of view.  It costs $4-12 Trillions to rebuild major cities like New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, Texas, Tokyo, Kremlin, Soul, Paris etc. If the country leaders can’t spend $0.00004 of such coast to prevent catastrophe, they are unwise.

Our country is having problem with neighboring country.  Can a country destiny be changed?

Yes we have observed certain countries were and are at war with each others for many centuries.  There are two to three elements in their chart (of personality) that cause them to want to fight. Unfortunately we cannot name these countries.  If one of them want to change their destiny, it can be done and make a big difference.  Our clients see their new destiny first before we bind the change on them permanently.

Can we change a person / country destiny?  Yes 98% success for a country, 51% for individual.

Both America and Russia need their Destiny changed.

Russia lives on its enormous energy well, new Russia is very creative, w/ inconsistent earnings.

America has inconsistent earnings, its main income is from other people’s moneys, properties. Evidenced by its super-negative #8: sex, war, insurance, weaponry, Wall Street, declining vehicle-machinery mfg, deception, drugs, etc.

For a country, the success rate is very high.  Changing destiny of a country requires a pre-requisite.   There is a divine power that governs the enforcement of law of Physics. Destiny is one of them, we call it SNE’s Law, it works like any other laws, ie. Ohm’s law, Newton Law, Magnetism law, Ampere Law, etc.  What is Destiny?  Destiny is an invisible force to the naked eyes, visible to the end-result.  It dwells inside our gene, it changes monthly, annually, etc. It affects us, our children, their children in chain.   Typically new Destiny takes affect in 5-20 years, due to its slow effects on us. If we fast-forward or backward our scope at high speed, we can see Destiny moves before our eyes.  The new and old Russians’ destiny  are not the same, see them here >> Russian new and Old Russian charts; Old Russia has erratic earnings, some what stable, compare its two channel #2.  Also see the US Charts, it too has inconsistent earnings.  See sample previews of past and future events, compare them to page 2 of Hiroshima nuked on August 6, 1945. 

The reason Japan has great automobile-machinery manufacturing, is bc its channel #8 is well illuminated with power, by 4-multiplied energies.  Japan will always be prone to nuclear attack, due to its vulnerable planetary position in gene.  Can their position be changed?  Yes, if she contacts us. People learn from history and mistakes.  Does she want two hits first? Probably, people learn to recognize Destiny by repeated process. Japan’s original destiny gives good and bad lucks.  The good things about changing destiny with us is, you get to see the new Destiny first before purchasing its implementation.

How do we best use your readings and advice?

We believe in science, modern medicines and God.  To get the best out of our intelligent work, we have to be at peace. You’ll get the best result ASAP.  Please check our policy for foreigner charts.  In times of war, you will need lots of times for preparation.  Do not wait until the last minutes, even though the range we give on the web seem wide; your country’s events could pop up sooner than you think.  We cannot give you your target dates freely upfront, because that is part of our products.  After you received information you needed, you should make your emergency plan immediately but never attack any one you perceived as enemy even if we give you the probability to answer your question; because we have never said that our prediction is absolute, it is only near 97% accuracy.  Our advice is to always use non-offensive peaceful honest approach to resolve the conflict.  Delaying your enemy anger with peace and honesty could help you pass a critical point.  We recommend more methods to our clients only.

What went wrong with America?  And what is the solution?

American Legal System Is Corrupt Beyond Recognition:  March 2003, Judge Edith H. Jones of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit talks to members of Harvard Law School's Federalist Society. Jones said that the question of what is morally right is routinely sacrificed for political expedient.

— Your rights to constitution had been taken away from you. Constitution made it clear that no one should be above it.  Today presidents, lawyers, and corrupted courts are above your Constitution out-casting 97-99% Americans from rights under U.S. Constitution.  The U.S. & the west appeared to head to suicide in 2015 to 2028 unconsciously (noticeable in 1962-70; then 1990, worse from 2016 forward).

The root cause of current America’s problems? After America put lawyers after lawyers to power to run the country, many things went wrong.   79+% of them are dishonest, liars, deceivers, manipulators working under secret agenda.  In 1,776—1918, America was prosperous, she put the head of military, scientists, inventors, engineers, philosophers to be president.   To name a few, Benjamin Franklin, Abigail Smith Adams, Jefferson Thomas, Abraham Lincoln, etc. Vice-president of Thomas A. Edison became U.S. senator.  Lincoln was a land survey officer for 15-years; he learned the law of fairness himself (God given to him).    After 1998, the age of fast internet, the Elites were able to rip off general public loan, investment, retirement and savings via housing crash (short-selling). Then they use the stolen money to corrupt the court systems to go unpunished, against the public interest.  The housing collapse of 2008 was a two-way rip-off on consumers (via Deed of Trust and fraudulent Wall street Notes extracting consumer’ 401k and Retirement).  Today fraudulent activities are still going on largely. Watch out for any Free meal seminar for Retirement Protection, general insurance, and investment.  

The New or Refi fraud through the Deed of Trust was already excessive, then came Fraudulent Wall-street Notes, and then fraud on the court (helping robbers go unpunished) occurs when the judicial machinery itself has been tainted, such as when an attorney, who is an officer of the court, is involved in the perpetration of a fraud or makes material misrepresentations to the court. Fraud upon the court makes void the orders and judgments of that court. In Bulloch v. United States, 763 F.2d 1115, 1121 (10th Cir. 1985).

How can we trust a group of robbers claiming to regulate robbers for us? In the last 15-years no authorities regulating banks and insurers. How can they ask the public to trust their current model of investment or economy?  Superview said “human will always be who they are, 5-8% maybe able to change habit”.  Bad leaders allowed the U.S. economy to fail in 1929, 1935, 2008, and so forth.  The short-selling ability should never be invented in the first place for modern robbers to succeed, some brokers used this model to rip off consumers investment, see Madoff.  The old U.S. leaders did not ship U.S. jobs and factories to overseas, no free trade against the public interest.

So what is the Solution?   America must return to the old days in order to be prosperous and righteous again.   Someone has  to push a Reset button for it to work! In other words, America has to be born again not through church or baptism, but through destiny/regime change. See Country Destiny section above for more details. Meanwhile, there will be greater deceptions and dreadfulness from 2016 to 2026.  Some humans take eight (8) mistakes to learn, but you may need only 2-3 mistakes to learn.  The Elites should repay consumers for stolen moneys, that’s the only way for them to be righteous with God again, in order to fight with enemies, otherwise all would be lost.

Why America has too much wars and financial crisis? Up to 12 times since 1870 .

You can see the negative energies are in America’s chart, see her channel number eight (8), illuminated by four negative energies.  The end-result is extreme!!! this is powerhouse of people’s moneys, insurance, sex, scams, scheme, Wall Street fraudulent investment, fraudulent lending, Pass-Through AB, ABS fake stocks sold to exchange for American’s retirement without American’s knowledge, etc.  Conspiracy is America is real, not theory.  This is part of channel #8.   Why all of these? Because America is not interested in producing any products for real earnings. Her channel #2 is empty, she does produce income erratically.

See the Fed, failing to regulate CFPB to regulate Banks, insurers, and credit reporters etc...   They are good at pretending that they do something or do something right, with no real intension to fix anything.

That is because of her overweight.   Since all negative energies concentrate in her channel #8, they gave her the vision that taking someone else money is easier than making moneys yourself.  Sorry, this is not making things up, you can see the consistency of our scope viewing other nations.  No other country having the same configuration like the USA.

If we reposition all her energies away from channel #8, to channel #2.  America’s habit will change, she will start from her brain. She will think to eliminate her obesity, get in gear to produce real products, etc…  She would no longer focus on war or taking people’s money, etc.. .    You can see why America is the only country that roams around the globe to police and find ways to produce income from other people’s property or moneys, through sanctions for 3-5 billions penalties.  Meanwhile she uses her Petro dollars to make moneys out of Arabic oils.  Soon enough, she will find the dead-end.  She has never been this way, until after 1965.  All her energies in channel #8 turned negative slowly, worse and worse until today.   She probably will not have any more many legs to go beyond 2023.

Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again” will turn into “Make America less Leg Again”.

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