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  Service Detail—Timing, Yuga era:

· Find out when you will actually be involved in a large scale war, not under your control.

· How do you know who is the radical problem maker for your country?  It’s not easy to tell when they come as a team.

· Will your battle with enemy be difficult comparing to past other war? We can figure out loss and challenge by approximation.

· We can tell the strength / weakness of each leader.

· In general we can tell the direction of a Nuke attack on your soil.

· We may be able to change country destiny, see FAQ.

· We can tell you the Intel, chemistry, mind and soul of each country through their charts.

· Are your allies trustable, will they help you until the end?  Only Superview can tell. If you hire us, we’ll do the research for you diligently.

· Relocating certain element of life path could improve life and eliminate negative outcome. In some cases native can live longer, see FAQ 6+

Never mind about the naming of each Yuga era on our home page. We use the same name for identification of division only, it’s not our religious belief.  The Asian Indians might have received the knowledge of galaxy and of Super Sun from ET or their gods, in order for them to partition the Yuga era or equinox correctly; due to no  human yet had been able to travel  millions of millions miles out of our solar system to view the Yuga cycle in big picture, likewise, Superview calculation is also mapped to the same Yuga cycle.    Not to get confused, human can only send space probes (Satellites) to take photos of planets around our solar system, and are not capable to go deep in space like ET can, to see the big picture of Yuga eras or Equinox.  To learn more about Yuga cycle, to go to our home page, and look at the top space map.

What you see in the above photo is the binary starring systems orbiting around Super SUN (the super Giant Sun the Indians claim, not our Sun).  Our solar system is among the binary starring system above. Our Sun is a  young living star —BTW.  Each cycle of Yuga / equinox take 24,000 years to complete one full orbit around the Super Sun. Some Indians claim it takes 25,920 years, that is the extended version of 24,000 years cycle/equinox (American Astronomy Group agreed with the 24,000 years cycle).   Superview uses 25,920 years cycle, to make its prediction or view of any subject matters.   

One of Hinduistic gurus predicted that in 72 years major karmic events will strike humankind, based his calculation of extended Yuga years, and faulty Gautama Buddha birth dates as a mark of Yuga era during the encounter with their god in 3100BC. There are 3-4 conflicting Buddha birth dates.  Superview solved the Buddha’s birth/ending dates by going back in time to examine Buddha life, to see if the claims matched or not.  Download Buddha and Jesus Christ preview charts and see for yourself, including Prophet Mohammed. Everything written about these religious leaders are in perfect match with Superview charts.

We are not alone, ET and UFO exists in area 51 of Nevada. John Pedisto helped Clinton & Obama administration writing Executive order to declassify 800M pages of ET secrecy.  ET had been known in many countries, including Russia.


These are 80-90% binary starring systems the Creator designed  billion years ago, not 6000 years.

They’re created for reasons.

Are you wondering how binary starring systems look like?

They may look like a photo above.  In Feb/2016, the Astronomy society of CA said 80% of what they have discovered out there are Binary Starring System.

Binary means a power of 2 numbering system.  A binary starring system foretell us that we may have duplicated universe (of two or more).  For instance, during the day time, we are in our physical world, when we are in our dreams at night, our mind or soul may be switching to another universe where we have no controls over our dreams.  Some people call these different planes.

Each country has a unique personality, intelligence, and will power.  They are not fixed, BTW.




Do not start a war without knowing your chance of success; or do not resist the force beyond your control.   It’s better to settle, otherwise you could end up with catastrophic losses.

Superview is a smart live-and-dead-soul viewer.  It sees Christianity is very popular in 2016 competing with Islam.  Both Christianity and Islam had been blamed in 2015 and will be in this trend badly in August 2016.  Meanwhile it sees Buddhism is quiet, it has been blamed from July-2014 to April-2015 following the misbehaved monks in Thailand.

Blame not on religion but on men for their inequity.

Superview solves the puzzle of Buddha and Jesus Christ birth and death dates. We have only 14 years left to enter Treta era.  Superview sees our final stage apocalypse like the ending of the Babylonian time.

Dawn of Sumerian 4190 BC

Super hot

Last known Ice age 9-10k-years ago.

Sumerian Empire ended 2100BC

Babylonian civilization 1845BC— 700BC

See  ending

pattern above


1 full cycle of equinox, per Superview charts and other astronomical views.

Sumerian civilization 3164BC. Sumerian empire 3000BC started

2016—2028 World War 3 Nukes Apocalyptic events seen on two dozen charts to affect countries listed below. Corporations, governments, general population etc. all would be affected.

Why? at the end of each era, bad things usually happen. Our Charts say men would plunge into killing one another for resources and power corruptibly. Learn from the past, Order your country charts to view your future position now! Make your emergency plan Now before too late.

Satya era

5184 years

Satya era

5184 years

Treta era

3888 years

Treta era

3888 years

Dwapara era  2593 years

Dwapara era  2593 years

Kali era  1296 years

Kali era  1296 yrs



Learn from the past, Make your emergency plan now.

           Get your geopolitical prediction here, save your country, grieves, financial losses, and structural damages.

You are here, earth solar system. 2015 AD. 14 yrs to Treta era.

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