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· Find out when you will actually be involved in a large scale war, not under your control.

· How do you know is the radical problem maker for your country?  It’s not easy to tell when they come as a team.

· Will your battle with enemy be difficult comparing to past other war? We can figure out loss and challenge by approximation.

· We can tell the strength / weakness of each leader.

· In general we can tell the direction of a Nuke attack on your soil.

· We may be able to change country destiny, see FAQ.

· We can tell you the Intel, chemistry, mind and soul of each country through their charts.

· Are your allies trustable, will they help you until the end?  Only our Superview can tell. If you hire us, we can do the research for you diligently.

           Service Detail - Fees and reasons:

All countries are unequal in intelligence, apparent power, hidden power, hidden resources, etc. Some resources take time to show up, and some high power can disappear.  Some countries will go to war because of greed’s, and some will because of necessity.   No astrologers can tell you all of these stories in accurate timing as we do.

Do not start a war without knowing your chances of wining or potential loss.  It can be costly.  War is a terrible things to be in.  Some say it can be beneficial, only if you have backup resources to repair damages.

The law of Physics since the beginning of TIME had not changed, which means things usually happen according to the way our Creator designed the universe, as Superview reveals to us.  We provide you with concise analysis of future or past events of any country of your concern (see policy), to help you see where you’re at in terms of turmoil, stress, negative side effects, war, financial problems etc.  You will know who may be your real enemy, especially when they come together as a team.

Things can get very confusing if you go by own gut feeling. Many predictions had been wrong in the past, due to human errors.

Only Super-viewer can tell what your enemy and you are fighting about, regardless of what your enemy claim as their excuses.  At the end-time there will be deception, to confuse every one to get into a fight.

Through us, you will know the truth.

Our monthly predicting service can be expensive for individual but not for country leaders, large corporations or wealthy individuals in terms of gain and loss of the battle. Our cost would be like a 1/2,000,000 of damages. Why would any one want to risk when you have chances to view your position ahead of time?  You are not required to subscribe to an annual prediction service If you are on a tight budget!  Buying what you need can cut cost. 

Subscription will save your times, to avoid repeating the same tedious prepayment arrangement.  See Order form for pricing, and order process.  Our highly accurate predicting or reading services are geared toward high-end customers, in order to maintain our service in business.



If you think after death, life is finished. Your thinking is incorrect, there are enormous evidence that life after death existed. Even Superview can tell live and dead souls, and what happened to the freshly dead soul.  We see how each soul reacts after, differently.


For instance, many souls felt shock after two weeks, some feel relief from oppression of life on earth.  There are a lot more into life and after life.

How do we know that war, upheaval and economic downturn will come in 2016-2028 ? Our sample charts & predictions of your past give you a clue of the future, ruled by the same law of Physics.

The 80-90% binary star systems explain why we have multi-plane spiritualism.

Dawn of Sumerian 4190 BC

Super hot

Last known Ice age 9-10k-years ago.

Sumerian Empire ended 2100BC

Babylonian civilization 1845BC— 700BC

See  ending

pattern above


1 full cycle of equinox, per Superview charts and other astronomical views.

Sumerian civilization 3164BC. Sumerian empire 3000BC started

2016—2028 World War 3 Nukes Apocalyptic events seen on two dozen charts to affect countries listed below. Corporations, governments, general population etc. all would be affected.

Why? at the end of each era, bad things usually happen. Our Charts say men would plunge into killing one another for resources and power corruptibly. Learn from the past, Order your country charts to view your future position now! Make your emergency plan Now before too late.

Satya era

5184 years

Satya era

5184 years

Treta era

3888 years

Treta era

3888 years

Dwapara era  2593 years

Dwapara era  2593 years

Kali era  1296 years

Kali era  1296 yrs



Learn from the past, Make your emergency plan now.

           Get your geopolitical prediction here, save your country, grieves, financial losses, and structural damages.

You are here, earth solar system. 2015 AD. 14 yrs to Treta era.

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