Each country has a unique personality, intelligence, power and resources.  They are not fixed, they can change over time..  To good from bad, and to bad from good status.

About Us

Supernatural Engineering created/licensed the most accurate Prediction Software and predicting services in the world, to predict all sort of event, from world turmoil to corporation downturn/upturn, to individual personal life if the consumer can afford our service.  We do not sell software only our predicting and researching services. Due to our market share is too low, our fee is considered high for individual.  For this reason, we focus on predicting world & Business events that could impact several countries, corporations, government entities, Billionaires and Millionaires, investors, and stock market analysis etc.


Our mission is to save our clients moneys, grieves, and loss of lives, as well as their infrastructure.  Our predicting software is not based on any religious prediction as many tried to encapsulate with their predictions; because the biblical predictions have been generated since year 1000 and nothing happened as predicted.  Our software is unique and has been tested extensively and globally.  You will notice that much of astrology software require you to put your birth time, “without it, they claim the prediction would be wrong, or if birth date is delayed by one day or more is likewise”.  Ours does not require birth time, even if your birth date is off by 1-30 days we still can figure out the proper outcome for you.   We have tried lots of commercial predicting software and found that they all have 75+% errors, often time they see only one thing happening while 10-things happening at the same time. 


RON SIDNEY is our CEO.  We employ workers with many scientific skills from biology to Electrical engineering, to Astrophysics, Electronics, and Political science.  Our head quarter is in Sunnyvale California.  Our software team is in Washington State.  Thank you for visiting our website.


What type of charts or readings people cannot buy?

Under our current pricing schedule, we could not sell your adversary future charts or readings to you, until the country owners agreed to. You can always buy your adversary’s past charts, and your own future or past charts, or corporation charts of your choice but not of foreign country.  We respect privacy act of international law, and of God’s law as well.  Our goal is to not make people fight, but to help people find peaceful resolution, by not interfering or making any political recommendation to any party. We just read their Superview charts, and provide relevant evidence plus charts to support our view, why things are believed to happen the way we see in the charts.  Even though we claim our accuracy is near 97% it is not an absolute conclusion, it is also risky to ignore our prediction.  As proven in our sample charts of the past, things had happened and will likely happen again according to the law of physics. See FAQ to learn more.




By default, we put a high security protection on your country reading, meaning no one can buy your country’s chart & reading except you the leaders.  This security put lots of work on our end, answer question to those inquiring about your country.   However, within 1-year of event to happen, we could sell your chart if you are not interested to purchase your own chart or reading; this is to compensate for our times spending on our protection, because the buyers may be your concerned citizens. You could buy your chart & reading at discount price any time if you select no security protection.



Refund and Money-back?

When ordering country charts, we reserved our right to verify the buyer’s identity.


Refund and Money-back?

Normally we collect payment upfront, unfortunately in this business that is the only way we can get paid. Because once people received our service, they can reverse payment and we would have no recourse.


The only way you would get your refund is if we receive your cancellation before we started your service. Typically we start the job as well as we received your money electronically.


If you have doubt about our service, you can download lots of our sample charts and quick reading.  Your readings, charts and service will be the improved version of what you see here on this site.



Changing mind on the topic you ordered


After we received your payment. If we already started a job, and you informed us within 3 days and before we send your service out to you; we will give you a 1-time change of reading per order, 10% of cost will be charged, the remaining 90% credit will be issued to you in form of credit voucher to be used with different topic reading. This allows you to have another reading and question answered. You may be required to send 10% additional money, unless the number of your question is 1-notch less. If you prefer cash-back instead, we will refund you 80%, and charge you 20% for the job we worked on so far.  Sorry we have to pay our workers for their time.

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